Water Pipe Flange/ Redwood Burl Clock

  • $ 3,500

  • Materials: vintage water pipe flange, redwood burl slab, malachite chips, battery powered metal clock hands 
  • Inlay materials (in order from 1-12): maple, ebony, rosewood, padauk, tennesee red cedar, oak, walnut burl, holly, yellowheart, teak, purpleheart, zebrawood.  Abalone circles in center and at each hour
  • Old rusted tractor gear found half-buried on a hike in east Bay Area, CA on a hike and rolled it down steep hill to get it to car
  • Redwood burl cut and shaped to fit inner dimensions of flange and adhered with epoxy 
  • Turquoise chips epoxyed in gap between gear and redwood border
  • Approximately 45 lbs, able to be mounted on wall or could rest on mantle
  • Multiple coats of satin polyurethane