Rock table

$ 5,800.00

  • Materials: beach rock, juniper, abalone, walnut, sand, tempered glass
  • Concept comes from aerial view of a tree (walnut burl hexagon is the trunk, abalone is cambium layer, cross-sectioned juniper branches are the limbs and the rocks represent the ground)
  • Abalone found on Sonoma coast, CA and cut, shaped and sanded by hand
  • Rocks found on Sonoma coast, CA
  • Each rock is epoxyed to its own mini wood platform of varying height to ensure level surface.  
  • Coarse black sand (found on SF bay are beach) is adhered to rocks and branches with thin epoxy 
  • Juniper found in Lake Tahoe area
  • Juniper/walnut base pieces connected with flush joinery
  • Abalone diamonds (9) inlayed into walnut trim and (2) into lower walnut connecting piece.  
  • Abalone squares(4) inlayed into walnut bottom stretchers 
  • Abalone hexagons (2) inlayed into top and bottom walnut hexagons
  • Tempered glass sealed into trim to prevent liquid damage
  • Base can be detached for transport
  • Multiple coats of satin polyurethane

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